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Wednesday, 6th November Hunt Museum, Limerick


Where: Hunt Museum, Limerick
When: Wednesday, 6th November 2019
Time: 19.00-21.00
Invite only

Is the aviation industry prepared as economies begin to slow after 10 years of expansion, and we move into the later stages of the current business cycle? And are Irish aviation companies - lessors as well as service providers, positioned well enough to sustain competition from new market entrants?

2019 has been a dramatic year, sales have gone to negative figures, hundreds of aircraft have been grounded, Brexit is the here and now and our political systems are in a state of upheaval. Positives do exist -fuel prices have not increased as much as forecasts predicted, and the cost of credit has not risen as much as anticipated. As we enter the later stages of this business cycle, the number of parked aircraft has increased dramatically in number- but there are known reasons for this.

For the first time the Shannon International Leasing Conference will hold an aviation leaders fireside chat. The Captains Room venue in the Hunt Museum will host a specific audience of industry participants to parse out the issues facing the industry. This will not be a technical discussion. Panel participants will have expertise in procurement, finance, legal, and the conversation will be of a strategic nature. The audience will be made up of CEO’s or a senior delegate from guest companies and sponsor companies.

Panel discussion moderated by Brian Hayden, Chairman Santos Dumont with panellists:

Christine O Donovan, Partner, Mason Hayes and Curran

Elaine Kirby, Chief Contracts Officer, NAC

Phil Seymour, CEO IBA Group  

Jacinta Courtney, PART 147 School, Lufthansa Technik Shannon Ltd

Patrick Blaney, Chairman of Aircraft Leasing, Finance & Law, UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate  School of Business

Panel will conclude at 20.00 and the museum will be serving wine and canapés for further discussion and networking.

The evening will be opened by Amelia Anderson, co-founder and President of AWAR at 19.15

Thurday, 7th November :: Day Agenda


Shannon International Leasing Conference 2019
Thursday, 7th November 2019 at the Strand Hotel, Limerick
Conference moderator: Matt Cooper, Journalist, Radio and TV presenter

10.15 Start

Registration and coffee

10.45 Patrick O’Donovan:

Minister of Public Procurement, Open Government and eGovernment

11.00 Paul Everitt:

Chairman, Farnborough International and CEO, ADS Group

11.15 John McMahon:

Economic update

11.30 Engine Panel:

What are the leasing companies looking for? And what can the Shannon service companies do to fill these requirements? Is there an opportunity for Shannon for an end of life facility? To include: 'the availability of engine slots, and the future of geared vs non-geared turbofans'.

12.20 Brett Leslie - SVP FROSCH Global Travel Management:

The way we travel is changing and as a result, the needs of travellers are developing. FROSCHCTM have identified key technologies for adoption with our products and services. This will provide mobility, travel content, and smart access to our end user.

12.30 Philip Hughes - Global Asset Management

Philip Hughes, Director of Technology, Commercial and Training, at IAA, who will present on Aireon: Global Asset Management, providing global air traffic surveillance for enhanced fleet management.

13.00 Lunch and Networking

14.00 Freight conversion and Cargo Panel:

Where are the potential solutions to the oversupply of aircraft in the market? What might lie ahead? eCommerce – a growth driver, to include: ‘Economic adv/dis of freight conversions’.

15.00 Three Presentations (including Q&A):

The Airbus Open Software Platform enables airlines to easily install a wireless IFE service – either with the 1st day of commercial operation or as an upgrade in retrofit. Benefiting from an open and flexible solution, airlines can select from a wide choice of different W-IFE partners and can easily integrate, manage and even change these applications without impact on the hardware infrastructure and certification. Flavien Lejeune and Nils Schmeink, AIRBUS.

Aerospace Manufacturing: Local agile aerospace supply chains are vital for the growth of the industry. This presentation will describe the existing aerospace manufacturing capability in the region and the future of the industry. Manufacturers on the Island contribute to all new global aircraft programmes, support MRO growth and can complement the technical requirements for aircraft leasing and lease transition. Dr LESLIE ORR, ADS Group.

Digital Records: The New Paradigm in Aircraft Records: How has Digital Records created a new Paradigm in transition management and how does the industry work to ensure best practice? John Barry, COMPASS Aviation Group.

16.15 Announcement & presentation from Shannon Group and IAC

16.30 John Slattery:

President & CEO Embraer Commercial Aviation

17.10 Final Words

17.15 Evening entertainment commences

Thurday, 7th November :: Evening Agenda


17.15 - Evening entertainment commences

17.15 - BAR Courtesy of CAE Parc Aviation

17.30 - Food

19.30 - Ben Saunders: ARCTIC EXPLORER

Ben Saunders

World Record-Breaking Polar Explorer and Repeat TED Speaker

“I am an explorer of limits – geographically, physically and mentally. It’s about pure human endeavour, and the way in which I can inspire others to explore their own personal potential.”

Polar explorer Ben Saunders’s incredible feats of endurance challenge conventional wisdom and prove what can be accomplished through ambition, passion, and a refusal to quit. Best known for leading one of the most ambitious polar expeditions in a century, he was the first to successfully complete an epic, 105-day, 1,800-mile trek on foot to the South Pole – equivalent to running 69 marathons back-to-back. Of his expedition he said, “We can all accomplish great feats. If you dream something hard enough, it does indeed come to pass.” In 2017 he became the second person in history to reach both Poles solo and unassisted, after 52 days and 6 alone in Antarctic conditions described as “The worst in 25 years.”

A speaker at the 2005, 2012, and 2014 TED conferences, Ben was labeled a “master story teller” by TED. Believing that “No one else is an authority on your potential” and “Impossible is just someone’s opinion,” Saunders combines the allure and nostalgia of 20th century explorers with the ingenuity of today’s modern adventurers. His presentation takes you to the ends of the Earth and back and showcases spectacular visuals, a commanding stage presence, a winning smile, and funny and relatable stories. He enthralls audiences as he touches on themes including challenging the status quo, pushing past self-imposed limits, the disconnect between ideas and action, communicating with your team, and managing change (the landscapes he travels are in constant flux). He jokes that he makes a living by dragging heavy things in cold places, but his message is one of inspiration, empowerment, and boundless potential. Saunders has also developed innovative methods that allow him to live blog his adventures, and he is known for his incredible pictures and video.

Ben has five North Pole expeditions under his belt and has accomplished some of the world’s most impressive polar expeditions. He is the youngest person to ski solo to the North Pole and holds the record for the longest solo Arctic journey by a Briton. He also holds the record for the longest human-powered polar journey in history and is the third in history and the youngest by 10 years to reach the North Pole alone and on foot. Since 2001, he has skied more than 4,300 miles (or 164 marathons) in the Polar Regions. A powerful advocate for the natural world, Saunders has seen first-hand the effects of climate change, and his expeditions are raising awareness for sustainable solutions. He has also climbed in the Nepalese Himalayas, worked as an instructor at the John Ridgway School of Adventure, raced bikes at a national level, and run seven marathons and three ultra-marathons.

Ben was featured in the 2016 New York Times best-seller TED Talks: The Official Guide to Public Speaking, which was published by TED chief Chris Anderson. In the book, Ben is described by Chris as a “powerful storyteller” with a penchant for surprising audiences
Ben was featured in the 2016 New York Times best-seller TED Talks: The Official Guide to Public Speaking, which was published by TED chief Chris Anderson. In the book, Ben is described by Chris as a “powerful storyteller” with a penchant for surprising audiences.

Friday, 8th November Shannon Airport, Clare

Group 1

08.30 Group 1

Guests Arrival at Shannon Airport at long term parking and make their way to check-in desks with ID

09.30 Departure Gate 6

09.45 E2 Presentation and welcome and video

10.00 Static display and Refreshments

10.45 Boarding

11.00 Take off

12.00 Landing

12.15 Group 1

Demo flight conclusion.

12.30 Farewell and end of the event

Group 2

12.00 Group 2

Guests Arrival at Shannon Airport at long term parking and make their way to check-in desks with ID

13.00 Departure Gate 6

13.15 E2 Presentation and welcome and video

13.30 Static display and Refreshments

14.15 Boarding

14.30 Take off

15.30 Landing

15.45 Group 2

Demo flight conclusion.

16.00 Farewell and end of the event


John Slattery, President & CEO, EMBRAER Commercial Aviation
Aidan Reynolds, CTO, Jackson Square
Richard Hough, CTO, ELF
Paul Everitt, Chairman, Farnborough International Ltd
Craig Richardson, MD Singapore, Vortex
Richard Corrado, President, ATSG
Tadhg Dillon, Head of Sales & Marketing, SES
Dr Leslie Orr, Director, ADS NI
Flavien Lejeune, Services Sales Director, AIRBUS
Andrew Kelly, Director, ASL Airlines
Christine O’Donovan, Partner, Head of Aviation & Internal Asset, Mason, Hayes & Curran
Brian Hayden, Chairman, Santos Dumont
Phil Seymour, CEO, IBA Group
Philip Hughes, Director, Commercial Technology and Training, IAA
Alistair Dibisceglia, Head of Trading and Leasing, VALLAIR
Declan Cotter, SVP of Technical, BBAM Aviation Services
Elaine Kirby, Chief Contracts Officer, NAC
Jacinta Courtney, PART 147 School, Lufthansa Technik Shannon Ltd
Patrick Blaney, Chairman of Aircraft Leasing, Finance & Law, UCD
Amelia Anderson, Co-founder and President of AWAR

Please send us any questions you would like to ask a panellist or speaker on the day: